Like my sister Aby told you, we were invited to help get ready for Christmas at my friends Lilliana, Aurora and Jasmine’s  home. They live in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and it’s the Christmas Tree Capital of the World (because the National Association of Christmas Tree Growers got its start there). And I’ll bet Santa doesn’t live too far away, but I didn’t actually get to see him (he must only go out at night)… On the other hand, I did learn how to make Christmas cookies, with chocolate chips and everything, you know! Even my brother Assane helped us, and there was flour all over afterwards! But all Doggy wanted to do was eat them!

After we made the cookies, we decorated the tree. It was so tall that Mom and the rest of us had to climb around on it to put the balls and garlands on top!

We didn’t get to see any snow, but it was still super great! Thanks, girlfriends!

Mamie Ndiaye