Okay, like any self-respecting rapper, I care about my look. Don’t tell me you didn’t notice, dude! So I decided I had to have my own kind of t-shirt, and I decided to create a SaDunya t-shirt! It wasn’t even hard to get the rest of the family to see things my way – except Assane, of course, ’cause all that he cares about is his big, fat car. So we went to the tailor to get our own customized t-shirts, then the silkscreen shop to get them printed. Well, actually it was Mom who went to the tailor, so I don’t know a whole lot about it, but she took some pix. I’m the one who went to the silkscreen shop to make sure it’d be wearable. So I went to see my pal Valentin at “Le Petit Chaouen s’habille” in Nancy (France). He showed me how to do flocking. Wow!  What a cool job! I think that if I didn’t already have promising future as a rapper, I’d go work with him.
The shop gets its offbeat name from a city in Morocco. And anyhow, the t-shirts are made in that country by some of the shop owner’s pals.

I chose black t-shirts, because it’s classy. Yeah, but, once we got them, Aby insisted we get some white t-shirts printed, too. Me, I think it’s really dumb and we got into an argument, but I gave in to make her happy… humph, girls!

Well I’m guessing you want to see how they turned out… Well, hang on there, dude, have we ever got a surprise that’ll turn you on!