SaDunya at the Lausanne Marathon

To support the SaDunya association
Until Wednesday November 3, 2021, Ndaté Sylla will run the Lausanne marathon (Switzerland) – under the colors of the SaDunya Project!


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You have the opportunity to contribute in your own way, in the warm from home, by rewarding his efforts with support for the association. We suggest that you sponsor it by committing to donate the amount of your choice per kilometer traveled.

Ndaté is aiming for the half marathon, i.e. 21km. You can thus commit to donating CHF 2.- per kilometer, for example, which would make a donation of CHF42.- for SaDunya if he makes it to the end of the half-marathon (or not).

The money thus collected will be allocated to future projects carried out by the association, in Switzerland and internationally.

To register your pledge, use the form above.

You can also start training for the 2022 marathon now, so you can also run for the association next year;)


Ndaté starts on Tuesday, November 02 at 8:30 am > arrival 11:34 am

I would like to thank the organizers and all the people who contributed to the holding of the 2021 Lausanne Marathon.

In these times of pandemic, this sporting event is very popular. The resilience and innovation (virtual edition) shown by the organization and the participants are to be commended.

Thank you!
congratulations to the many people who participated as runners.

Here is my testimony and my comments for the continuous improvement of the event.


  • The route is generally well marked
  • The organization is generally very successful
  • The crossing of the vines is magnificent


  • Arrival at the Tour de Peilz is very discreet. I passed by without seeing her. After a grueling race, we tend to lose our means a bit. Putting the finish sign in front instead of facing the direction of the race would have been more impactful. Another runner was about to continue his race. When I motioned to him telling him that he had arrived, he understood and with surprise.
  • Just before arriving at the Chateau de la Tour, two people I asked about the marathon finishing point did not know.
  • I was amazed that many people in the area were unaware of the protest. Communication?
  • Running next to polluting cars is problematic in my opinion.

So I missed the arrival at the Tower, stopped at the entrance to Montreux. When I found the finish, I realized that I had passed by without seeing her … It allowed me to cover more kilometers. With Google Map, I managed to get all the information about my race.

Ah! I was injured in the knee when Cully entered making it difficult to run faster… But everything is fine.

Thank you again for this great race!

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The SaDunya Project

Pour des cercles vertueux…

The SaDunya project (Sadunya means “your world” in Wolof) is a recognized association in Switzerland. Its vocation is to enable people who change the world at their level to express themselves and share their commitment, their vision of the world and their desire to inspire others to do the same, in their own way.

Created in 2011 by SyllaDesign ( – Mélanie et Ndaté Sylla), SaDunya is a unique and innovative initiative aimed at highlighting human potential and inspiring members of
local and international communities.
Bilingual (French and English) and borderless, the SaDunya Project is free from any political, religious or ideological affiliation.

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