Thank you, our photographer Julien Mabillard

In 2019, we are going to bring forward a selection of physical and moral persons who have been contributing in big ways to the SaDunya project. We’ll also showcase inspiring people who are shining with their social or economical commitments and are building bridges between nations and cultures, as well as people who are knocking over walls and frontiers between Earthlings.

Acting locally while thinking globally.

Julien Mabillard, our resident photographer, ticks all these boxes. He has been contributing immensely to the SaDunya project, both with the pictures he has been offering us for free and with his constructive criticisms.

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Béatrice Diop: the DNA test that changed my life

« Béatrice Diop: the DNA test that changed my life » Béatrice Diop
Hi Switzerland (in French), we are back! With the whole family, we wandered beautiful Lausanne, the capital of the Canton de Vaud. Of course, Aby and Mamie wanted to go shopping, but I insisted we go to the historical center first.

There, we passed a bookstore and in the window, there was a book titled “Ce test ADN qui a bouleversé ma vie” (“The DNA test that changed my life”). The children started to ask many questions about what DNA was and were curious to know more about this book. As I was at the cash desk, I saw a woman who looked very much like the one on the book cover. I approached her and she smiled back, saying that she was the author of the book indeed. I asked her if I could have an autograph and she kindly accepted, while offering to tell us more about her autobiography and why she wrote it.
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From Firs to Baobabs, or when sailing has no border

In Switzerland, I met Kati and Rodolphe, a sweet and generous couple with two children, who like to sail their boat on lakes, seas and rivers.
In 2004, when they were still young and wild, they decided to travel the world with their sailboat to discover new people and cultures. And because they wanted their trip to be fun and meaningful, they contacted a French association called Voiles Sans Frontières (VSF), which literally means Sails Without Borders. This NGO is dedicated to support isolated communities, which can only be reached by sea or river. Since 1997, VSF mainly works with Senegalese populations living along rivers Sine Saloum and Casamance. 1
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