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Building bridges instead of walls since 2011. The SaDunya project aims to build bridges between people, communities and cultures for a better life together.


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Why we created the

SaDunya Project

The world you are building

SaDunya project (SaDunya means your world in Wolof) is aiming to give a voice and to spotlight people who change the world, one action at a time, thanks to their commitment, their humanity and their strong desire to inspire others to do the same, in their own way.
Created in 2011 by SyllaDesign (Mélanie and Ndaté Sylla), SaDunya is a unique and creative initiative centered on the human potential, and whose purpose is to inspire the members of local and international communities.

The SaDunya family

Bilingual (French and English) and without borders, the SaDunya project is free from any political, confessional or ideological adherence. At his heart, a family of Senegalese dolls who travel the world looking for true stories to share. Whereas in Dakar, Kingston (ON), Nancy, Lausanne, Montreal, Indiana or any other places, the dolls Mamie, Abby, Doggy, Assane and Fatoumata Ndiaye produce reports born from human and authentic encounters.

Let’s introduce the Ndiaye Family

Fatoumata Ndiaye

Humanistic and committed towards her community, she is the mother and pillar of the family.

Mamie Ndiaye

The youngest of the family, she adds a spark of innocence and curiosity to whatever she does.

Abybatou Ndiaye

The eldest daughter of the Ndiaye family, she likes shopping trips with her mates plus a stop at Mac Donald’s.

DoggY (Doudou Ndiaye)

Dreamer and rapper, Doggy sees himself like a rock star and likes to strain against the reins.

Assane Ndiaye

Torn between his African and Western cultures, he is the eldest brother of the Family.

The Ndiaye Family on the “Grand-Pont” in Lausanne.


SaDunya Arts Festival

Experience #001 – The fist edition of the festival took place in Kingston, ON, Canada in 2017. Concerts, artistic performances, creative, experimental and participative actions were at the heart of this event. This is the very first of a series of events that will take place in several countries.

Pôle sud Lausanne nov. 2019

Experience #100 – SaDunya and the World citizens
Program for the night: discovery of projects related to the SaDunya project, Senegalese (or not) specialty foods, talks about environmental matters in Senegal and in Switzerland, art installation, music and more…

CONFERENCE with Emmanuel Mbolela

Experience #006, Dec. 18th in Senegal – deathly immigration from Africa to Europe.
Emmanuel Mbolela wrote a book about his incredible escape journey through Africa and Europe and has been giving lectures in several countries in Europe and in North Africa to tell his refugee story. Now, with our organization, the SaDunya project, Emmanuel Mbolela would like to do a series of conferences in Black Africa.

Zal Sissokho, the Kora Spiderman

Zal Sissokho is a real Kora genius. He has always been living in a musical environment and has been playing music since he was 11. He sings and composes in Mandingue and Wolof languages. Respect, man!
He comes from the large and ancient Sissokho family and plays Kora like a spider weaves its web. A music web in which you get caught from the first notes.

Become a

SaDunya partner

If you want to partner with us, whether by submitting artistic or cultural content, information about your organization, by becoming a sponsor or by donating to support our current projects (like the conference on immigration that will take place in Dakar in December 2019), we invite us to contact the SaDunya project:
Mr Ndaté SYLLA
The SaDunya Project team member
Phone number: +41 762 142 183 – Email : info@sadunya.org


This is an opportunity for you to support unique and useful projects, while increasing your visibility in Switzerland, in Senegal and worldwide thanks to the digital and traditional communication means we deploy for every SaDunya Project event.

Upcoming Events

Nov. 18th - SaDunya and the World citizens

Experience #100 – Evening in Pole Sud, Lausanne (Switzerland)

Dec. 18th - Conference and art exhibition

Conference about immigration challenges – with Emmanuel Mbolela in Goree / Dakar (Senegal)


SaDunya articles

Experience #001 /100

Experience #001 /100

The SaDunya team and ME, Doggy, are very excited to announce the first of a series of artistic and cultural experiences that will happen in Switzerland,Senegal, France, Canada and USA (for now), leading to SaDunya’s Kingston Arts Festival to take place in Kingston,...

Zal Sissokho, The Kora Spiderman

Zal Sissokho, The Kora Spiderman

Zal Sissokho is a real Kora genius. He has always been living in a musical environment and has been playing music since he was 11. He sings and composes in Mandingue and Wolof languages. Respect, man! He comes from the large and ancient Sissokho family and plays Kora...

Logan Nubs Brown, or good, sharp sound!

Yo man! On that windy, rainy night, I was feeling like enjoying some good vibes and company. I went to Musiikki Café to have a drink, and listen to my friend John Torres. I had discovered him one night in a bar in Kingston. This city offers a quality stage to a...

Stories of black women and men in Canada

Stories of black women and men in Canada

I invite you to listen to Judith Brown’s presentation about Black History in Canada. President of the Kingston Afro-Caribe Association, Judith Brown is a former teacher who has been living in the beautiful city of Kingston (Ontario, Canada) for many years. We had the...

Lausanne, we’re here!

We finally got to Lausanne, after getting a little lost along the way… I must say my curiosity was piqued about visiting the land of banks and chocolate, even though it was obviously not for the same reasons than Jérôme Cahuzac… We were welcomed by...


inspired us

Famille Ndiaye

La famille SaDunya avec le livre de Béatrice Diop
Lausanne, Suisse

Invité teranga

Thomas Biedinger, notre premier invité Téranga.
Soyez le prochain invité ! Devenez le prochain résident Téranga !
Nancy, France

Doggy et Jasmine

Noël à Indiana avec Lilliana, Aurora, Jasmine et la famille SaDunya
Pennsylvanie, États-Unis


Fatou Giroux en T-shirt SaDunya
Vallais – Suisse

La famille en Vacances

La famille Ndiaye de SaDunya en vacances à Sally au Sénégal et à Yoff plage
Mbour, Sénégal




The Sadunya project has no political, denominational or ideological connections. This Web platform is intended to be a place for sharing and dialogue, in a spirit of mutual respect and tolerance. Internet users are invited to participate constructively and openly.

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