We would like to thank everyone from nearby and faraway who has contributed to the SaDunya project, in particular:

  • Yolanda Stern Broad – ATA, French > English translator and contributor
  • Fatou Giroud, a faithful commentator
  • Latifa, for her comments and articles
  • Our Lausanne contributor, for his articles
  • Tamie, for her photos
  • Aminata, for her articles
  • Olivier, for his comments
  • All of our anonymous contributors

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You could even go further and become a true SaDunian by becoming a “super-contributor”: you can apply to be a super-contributor once five of your articles (with photos and/or videos), in French or in English, have been published on SaDunya over a period of three months. You will then commit to sending us at least one article (with photos and/or videos), in French or in English, every two months or depending on your availability. You will then receive a complementary family of the characters, a SaDunya t-shirt, and a whole lot more…