If you, too, think the world’s future, especially in Africa, lies in the Internet. If you, too, sometimes find it hard to understand “old” Europe, and are always on the lookout for something new. And if you don’t think there’s any contradiction between Open Source, a magnificent 4×4 Land Cruiser and a rousing Startup Weekend…


I am Assane Ndiaye. I am Senegalese. I live in Dakar with my mother and younger brothers and sisters. I have a job as an analyst/programmer at a big company in the capital.

I did my studies in France. After finishing them, I found some odd jobs, but couldn’t get a job as an analyst/programmer. So I came back to Senegal, tired of being a victim of racism, discrimination and prejudices. Every time I would interview for a job, they’d give me a dirty look and reply: “We’ll call you, Mr. Enndiaye.” Why can’t the French manage to pronounce my name right?

My mother went into debt to pay for me to study in France, so now I need to finish repaying her loan and help her with my little brothers and sisters, because our father is only hardly ever here.

In any case, I’m glad I came back, and I don’t understand Doudou and Aby, who want to go to the United States, no matter what. They don’t realize what kind of a life they’ll have there. But of course, they don’t want to listen to me.

Besides, there is no way my brother is going to drive my brand new Land Cruiser. He can just go work, too, and be serious instead of going around saying he’s going to be a rapper!

Luckily there’s Mamie, with her childish simplicity, who doesn’t know about the world yet. She wears us out, but we love it!

Assane's ID Card

ID card

First and Last Names: Assane Ndiaye
Age: 28
Assane has taken his absent father’s place in his family. Very affected by the time he spent in France, he has shut himself off from anything outside of Senegal ever since he came back. He has, however, stayed in contact with some of his friends working in France. As for his Senegalese friends, some of them don’t understand why he came back, while others are jealous of the job he got in Senegal.

He is very intellectual, has a critical mind, and is very proud of his country, for which he holds high hopes. However, ever since he came back, he has lost touch and no longer understands certain things. He is very committed, both politically and socially.

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