Teranga is the legendary hospitality of Senegalese people

We would like to invite people from a variety of backgrounds to write articles and create other unique, exclusive messages (photos, videos, music, etc.) on subjects they care about. Participants are free to create whatever they want. This idea comes from the Senegalese custom of greeting our guests with open arms and forgiving them their mistakes and blunders (Teranga). And, in any case, they won’t be spending their whole lives with us!
The Teranga Resident may express him or herself freely on any subject he or she wishes. However, there are some guidelines to follow:

  • Choose the SaDunya character who comes closest to matching the subject the Resident is interested in (Fatoumata, Assane, Aby, Mamie or Doggy). This character will give the Resident access to his or her navigation menu with a “Teranga Resident” tab;
  • The message should be constructive, original and exclusive;
  • The residency is for a minimum of 2 months and may be renewed when requested by the Resident and agreed to by SaDunya’s team;
  • All other ways of contributing to SaDunya’s Website are open to the Teranga Resident;
  • The Teranga Resident may remain anonymous if he or she so wishes;
  • The Teranga Resident will write a short self-presentation, to be published on the SaDunya Website by way of introduction to the articles;
  • The Teranga Resident should send us at least 4 articles on 4 different subjects (about one A4/letter page per article). Once SaDunya’s team and the Teranga Resident approve the 4 articles, they will be published one by one on the Website.

This is our way of giving talented people from all over the world a chance to express themselves freely, originally and differently on a website that is building bridges linking different local cultures in a global world.