In 2019, we are going to bring forward a selection of physical and moral persons who have been contributing in big ways to the SaDunya project. We’ll also showcase inspiring people who are shining with their social or economical commitments and are building bridges between nations and cultures, as well as people who are knocking over walls and frontiers between Earthlings.

Acting locally while thinking globally.

Julien Mabillard, our resident photographer, ticks all these boxes. He has been contributing immensely to the SaDunya project, both with the pictures he has been offering us for free and with his constructive criticisms.

His love for Senegal is unparalleled, even though he is also very fond of singers Ismaël Lô and Wally Seck, for whom he made pictures that have been seen internationally.

Congrats Julien Mabillard, and we look forward to sharing new adventures with you, either in your beautiful country – Switzerland – or in ours – Senegal.

« Diadjieuf ak Boul falé 😉 »

Fatoumata, Assane, Doggy, Aby, Mamie Ndiaye and the SaDunya Team

Julien’s Facebook page: Julien Mabillard – Photographe