I invite you to listen to Judith Brown’s presentation about Black History in Canada. President of the Kingston Afro-Caribe Association, Judith Brown is a former teacher who has been living in the beautiful city of Kingston (Ontario, Canada) for many years. We had the pleasure to meet her during the events of the Black History Month in Canada.

Boucar Diouf, a famous Quebecer humorist and storyteller from Senegal, told during a television program in 2013: “Blacks are not a monolithic group and I do not belong to anyone.” Sure. However, after listening to Ms Brown, I now realize how much the stories of black people around the world do relate to our physical appearance.

Would you like to know why Canada celebrates Black History Month? Would you like to know more about Mathew Dacosta, the first black man who arrived in Canada in 1906 as a free man? Olivier Le Jeune, the first slave who arrived in Canada in 1629? And, more recently, the Lieutenant Governor Lincoln Alexander, and many others? Watch the video that Judith Brown generously shared with us!