Lemme see your tee

Okay, now that it’s finally getting hot out, it’s time to show off your t-shirts! Mine is, like, suuuuuuuuuuuper cool. I’ll bet even Justin Bieber is gonna want one once he sees it! Besides, selling a SaDunya t-shirt means we can keep on bringing you great stories, supporting projects that are really close to our hearts and doing special events (the next one is happening very soon in one of my favorite cities (not New York, the other one), so stay tuned!).
Of course, if you want to wear the same brands as the rest of your gang and still contribute to the SaDunya project, there are other ways to do it… But, anyhow, I wanted to let you know…

Aby Ndiaye

We dropped in to see Jimmy

Hello, world! You know I’ve been dreeeeeaming to go to the States since, like, forever? Well, guess what!  I made my first trip to Obama’s country, to visit some of my sister’s friends who live in the little town of Indiana, in Pennsylvania. I just couldn’t wait!! Because I was, like, finally going to get to see America! It was waaaaaaay cool!! Well, okay, it still wasn’t New York, but I’m going to get there, too…

In any case, our host family was super nice and took us around to see the area. There are loads of interesting things I’ve gotta tell you about…

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Peck, peck, peck…

Last weekend, I went to the Maison des créateurs in Nancy (France). There were loads of great things there (especially for us girls!): jewelry, clothes, and decoupage! So I met a super nice girl who does really cool things with nothing but multi-colored paper and a craft knife. She does greeting cards, little treasure boxes… Her name is Sarah Poulain and she went to the Caen College of Fine Arts. She is also an illustrator. You can see some of her work on her blog, a mocking chicken.

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Fatoumata Sy, the doll maker

Let me introduce you to  Fatoumata Sy,  Mom’s tourondo(1) and our “real life” mom, because she’s the one who makes us, with Ibrahima Niang‘s help. These two craftspeople team up to create Senegalese dolls.

Fatoumata Sy lives and works on Goree island, several kilometers off the coast from Dakar. This is also where SaDunya’s founders met her for the first time, when she was selling dolls in her little stall. We, the Ndiaye family dolls, had already taken shape in their heads, but they hadn’t found the right person to craft us. The quality of Fatoumata’s work, along with her generosity and kindness, won them over and, after their first meeting, they went back to her to ask her to create the characters they had dreamed up for SaDunya. That is how we were born.
Fatoumata first cuts and sews our clothes, and then dresses us. Next, she attends to the finishing touches, such as grafting (adding) my hair to my head, doing Mamie’s braids – she braids at the speed of lightening – and setting the gourd on my mom’s head.
My favorite part is when she combs and combs my hair after fastening it to my head, to make it very shiny and smooth, and make me beautiful.

(1) In Senegal, a child often takes the name of somebody close to the family, making him or her the child’s “tourondo” (namesake).

Aby Ndiaye