There is an armchair on my neighbours’ roof. Is it for Santa?

Lots of strange things have been appearing on the streets lately. I think it started with a plane, then a carrousel. And later on, a white alien with a candy cane. The candy cane made me wonder, but still the weather was so nice outside, it couldn’t be the holiday season already?
One night though, Mom and Aby took me downtown Kingston (Ontario, Canada) after dark, and I could see in their eyes that something exciting was coming! The closer we got, the louder the music was. And suddenly, I heard sirens and saw lights: in front of me was a firetruck with light garlands on its ladder and wheels!
I couldn’t believe my eyes! Then I saw dancing elves and singing reindeers, followed by flashing bikes and even an ambulance. That’s when I knew: Christmas was coming, and at the end of the parade, there would be Santa!
On that rainy night, I saw Santa and his wife turn on the lights on the giant Christmas tree on K-town’s Market Square.
And the following days, I was excited to discover more Santas, Christmas trees and gold, blue and red lights popping up in front of the houses in my neighbourhood.
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Wolfe Island: a ferry trip and magical blades

As the ice began to melt on Lake Ontario my brother Assane told me that we were going to take the ferry to Wolfe Island, which is  just across the lake from Kingston. I was so excited!
The ferry was sooooooooo big! There were even cars on it! We jumped on the ferry and Doggy took me upstairs on the platform. I could see both the lake and the island in the distance. Half way across the lake it suddenly got very noisy. Continue reading “Wolfe Island: a ferry trip and magical blades”

A (really) clean Yoff beach

World Environment Day was exactly a month ago, on June 5th. As I announced to you, we launched a Yoff beach clean up project to celebrate the day. I’m sure you want to know all about it!

Everything was well organized: SaDunya made t-shirts just for the occasion, and paid for the t-shirt printing, some of the materials, and water for the participants; Malick Diene, from graphic studio Tagoor, coordinated and organized the day’s events, and took photos and videos of them; and Calebasse Association members cleaned up, raised public awareness, and provided shovels, rakes and wheelbarrows.
And Yoff residents on the beach at the time were invited to participate too. Even the sheep were there!

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Let’s meet at Yoff on June 5

You remember Yoff’s beach, with its football players and plastic trash? Well, one of my friends’ big brother belongs to an association called Calebasse [Gourd] (like the one Mom has on her head!). The kids in Yoff got together to “promote cooperation, education and the social and cultural well-being of human beings for sustainable human development within their community.” They, too, were fed up with all the trash and sewage on Yoff’s streets and all over the sand. So they organized a beach clean-up day a few months ago. They did a really good job!
But because Yoff’s beach is so big, SaDunya decided to join Calebasse in cleaning up another part of it on World Environment Day, on June 5. We’re going to put on great-looking t-shirts, take our brooms and rakes, pick up trash, and have a lot of fun together. Our friend Malick, who owns Tagoor graphic studio, is going to come take pictures so we can show you how it turns out! I’m really glad I get to go with my girlfriends! What about you, what are you doing on June 5?

Mamie Ndiaye

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Christmas in Indiana, PA

Like my sister Aby told you, we were invited to help get ready for Christmas at my friends Lilliana, Aurora and Jasmine’s  home. They live in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and it’s the Christmas Tree Capital of the World (because the National Association of Christmas Tree Growers got its start there). And I’ll bet Santa doesn’t live too far away, but I didn’t actually get to see him (he must only go out at night)… On the other hand, I did learn how to make Christmas cookies, with chocolate chips and everything, you know! Even my brother Assane helped us, and there was flour all over afterwards! But all Doggy wanted to do was eat them!

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