You remember Yoff’s beach, with its football players and plastic trash? Well, one of my friends’ big brother belongs to an association called Calebasse [Gourd] (like the one Mom has on her head!). The kids in Yoff got together to “promote cooperation, education and the social and cultural well-being of human beings for sustainable human development within their community.” They, too, were fed up with all the trash and sewage on Yoff’s streets and all over the sand. So they organized a beach clean-up day a few months ago. They did a really good job!
But because Yoff’s beach is so big, SaDunya decided to join Calebasse in cleaning up another part of it on World Environment Day, on June 5. We’re going to put on great-looking t-shirts, take our brooms and rakes, pick up trash, and have a lot of fun together. Our friend Malick, who owns Tagoor graphic studio, is going to come take pictures so we can show you how it turns out! I’m really glad I get to go with my girlfriends! What about you, what are you doing on June 5?

Mamie Ndiaye

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