If you think a Big Mac isn’t the least bit edible and that the world’s future depends more on organic farming than on Monsanto. If you, too, devote your time to organizations that are working towards unity and sharing around the world. And if, for you too, family is what is closest to your heart and your life…


My name is Fatoumata Ndiaye. I am a Senegalese mother and housewife. I have four children, Assane, Doudou, Adia Aby and Mamie. I am raising them by myself, because my husband is never here. He splits his time between his work in the Senegalese public administration and his second wife. He took another wife shortly before Mamie arrived because he thought I couldn’t give him any more children.

I belong to a very active women’s EIG (Economic Interest Group) in my neighborhood. We are supported by a European NGO. I try hard to earn an honest living for my family.

Assane, my oldest son, came back to Senegal recently after studying in France. He works for a multinational as a computer specialist and helps me take care of his younger brothers and sisters.

Doudou is my second son. He spends his time doing rap and having tea with his friends… He doesn’t want to work and assures me he’s going to make it in music.

Adia Aby is the older of my two daughters. She is seventeen and only wants to do one thing: go to the United States.

My youngest is called Mamie. All that little girl energy of hers wears me out!

Fatou's ID Card

ID Card

First and Last Names: Fatoumata Ndiaye
Maiden name: Diop
Age: born around 1960
Fatoumata’s main focus is her family. She spends more time taking care of her children than working at the EIG, which makes the other members resent her.

This go-getter, strong-willed, woman never got beyond elementary school. This is why what she wants most of all for her children is for them to go to school.  And, in fact, this is why she invested all her savings to pay for her eldest son, Assane, to study in France.

Unlike her husband, who is highly politicized, she isn’t interested in politics, which puts them very far apart.