Stories of black women and men in Canada

I invite you to listen to Judith Brown’s presentation about Black History in Canada. President of the Kingston Afro-Caribe Association, Judith Brown is a former teacher who has been living in the beautiful city of Kingston (Ontario, Canada) for many years. We had the pleasure to meet her during the events of the Black History Month in Canada. Continue reading “Stories of black women and men in Canada”

The Ndiaye family’s father

This is Ibrahima Niang, who, along with Fatoumata Sy, makes Senegalese dolls by hand. His hands give us form. He creates our frames out of wire and recycled materials (paper, foam). We don’t look all that dashing yet, but we’re getting there… Afterwards, Fatoumata Sy takes over, cutting and sewing our clothes, putting our clothes on, and adding our finishing touches.

He decided to show us his work on the roof of his home. Ibrahima tells us he has traveled in many African countries to show his creations (clothes, handicrafts). He now lives in Dakar’s suburbs.

Assane Ndiaye