If you don’t always get what grownups are talking about either. If you, like me, like school and keep track of everything that’s happening. And if you aren’t really sure you want to grow up, either…


My name is Mamie Ndiaye. My real first name is Signare, like my grandmother, which is why everybody calls me Mamie.
I’m in fourth grade and I really like school, because you can learn lots of things there. But I also really like staying home, because I can try on my sister’s clothes (even if it means she’ll get on my case…). My sister is really gorgeous, but don’t tell her… I’m also glad my big brother came home to live with us. But he isn’t as much fun as he used to be, ever since he lived with the toubabs.
And then there’s Doudou. My mom and Assane worry a lot about him. They say that he hasn’t learned any trade and he doesn’t like to work. He says he’s a rapper and is going to be famous real soon and buy me lots of dolls…

Mamie's ID Card

ID Card

First and Last Names: Signare Ndiaye
Nickname: Mamie
Age: 9 and a half
Mamie is very bright and intelligent, endearing and curious. Everybody spoils her except Aby, who’s jealous of her. She spends a lot of time at the EIG with her mother, which annoys the other women in the group.

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