Yo man!

On that windy, rainy night, I was feeling like enjoying some good vibes and company.
I went to Musiikki Café to have a drink, and listen to my friend John Torres. I had discovered him one night in a bar in Kingston. This city offers a quality stage to a multitude of talented musicians. I liked what I heard that night. I also noticed a young guy playing with him. He remembered me of Lenny Kravitz, whom I am a big fan of! NUBS – his stage and record label name since the last year and a half – is a songwriter and composer from Kingston, who has been immersed in BB King’s sound when he was a child. He was born and raised in this pretty city of Ontario, Canada, and has been playing music since 6 years.

NUBS is just amazing with a guitar – but not only. He is also generous and loves sharing joy with people. As he says, “I like to inspire people through entertainment and through good vibes! I’m all about peace, love and unity ☺ I’m not about making people think about crazy stuff in the world. I want to be their escape.”
My buddy NUBS breaks guitar strings faster than the speed of sound. But that night, at Musiikki, he seems pretty calm. His claws seemed to be retracted, like Logan’s from the X-men after a hard fight. But be careful, he might take them out at any moment.

Listen man!

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