Okay, dude, the SaDunya t-shirts are ready! They’re hot off the press. And I’ll even let you see a little demo by Mr. Valentin at “Le Petit Chaouen s’habille.” You can’t get any classier than that! Even Assane is proud to wear his!

Hey, I didn’t forget promised you a surprise, dude: well, you can buy your very own t-shirt at our brand new SaDunya store!! And I’m warning you, there’s just a 100 of them, so don’t drag your feet…

That’s right, we opened an e-store. So, I still gotta explain a little more, and I’ll keep you posted about the latest project SaDunya developments, dude, ok?

SaDunya has officially become an association and we decided put t-shirts and some handmade African jewelry on sale, to finance the SaDunya Project. We’re also going to spend part of the earnings on projects and associations that are close to our hearts, like La Clémence school or the Colorie Ma Vie association.

That way, you get a super cool, original-looking t-shirt and you get to make a contribution at the same time to finance an initiative to make the world a better place (yeah, I know, it’s just a little gesture!, but you know, many a drop makes an ocean…). That’s how consumer action works, right?

It’s right over here…