In Switzerland, I met Kati and Rodolphe, a sweet and generous couple with two children, who like to sail their boat on lakes, seas and rivers.
In 2004, when they were still young and wild, they decided to travel the world with their sailboat to discover new people and cultures. And because they wanted their trip to be fun and meaningful, they contacted a French association called Voiles Sans Frontières (VSF), which literally means Sails Without Borders. This NGO is dedicated to support isolated communities, which can only be reached by sea or river. Since 1997, VSF mainly works with Senegalese populations living along rivers Sine Saloum and Casamance. 1
By partnering with VSF, the young Swiss couple has been able to take part into a project that was important to them. While sailing around the world, they brought drugs to a remote clinic in Casamance (Senegal) that VSF had received as donations. It allowed them to discover Africa. Impressed and excited to dive into such a different culture, they gathered tons of memories there. As Rodolphe likes to say now: “It’s ok to be different, and these differences will only make us grow”.

Fatoumata Ndiaye

1 Source : Voiles Sans Frontières