Last weekend, I went to the Maison des créateurs in Nancy (France). There were loads of great things there (especially for us girls!): jewelry, clothes, and decoupage! So I met a super nice girl who does really cool things with nothing but multi-colored paper and a craft knife. She does greeting cards, little treasure boxes… Her name is Sarah Poulain and she went to the Caen College of Fine Arts. She is also an illustrator. You can see some of her work on her blog, a mocking chicken.

When I saw what she did, I said to myself that we just had to get her to work with us! We talked it over and she agreed to make tags for us in SaDunya’s colors to go on our brand new t-shirts.

And because I’m kind of nosy, I went to her place in Metz to watch her work. She has super skills and pecks holes as fast as Woody Woodpecker… And those tags are way nice! And besides, she has a really great view of Metz’s Pompidou Center from her attic studio.

If you like her work, you can also buy her creations directly from her online shop, Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Aby Ndiaye