Entrepreneurship is a gift of oneself. Entrepreneurs carry projects in which they strongly believe. It happens that the original project changes over time, however, the fundamentals remain. The values and motivations are always the same: to make a contribution to society.

Running to support a cause, a project or an organization

“Yes, hello… I’m sorry I’m running the marathon, the Lausanne marathon,  I will call you back later? ”

This is the communication I had on November 2nd, 2021, at 12:37 p.m., with a partner on an ongoing project with our organization, the SaDunya Project. The next day, I explained to him on the phone that we had decided to do a fundraising action to support our many projects

Running a marathon and answering the phone (if necessary) is the most natural thing for an entrepreneur.

Multitasking … or even being everywhere at the same time, is very often part of the life of an entrepreneur.

But also, personal resources are spent during the journey. Usually, the entrepreneur and his family or friends have to provide the necessary resources to feed and support the beast for a while.

The entrepreneur is a marathoner

Frequently, when I receive a service or useful and relevant information from a provider, I ask questions to the person to find out more about her … Yes! It no longer surprises me when it is the boss who stays much later at work to serve the client with respect and joy.

I cannot count the number of times when, at the end of a phone call or physical interview, the person tells me that she is the owner or the boss.

The reality is that the entrepreneur knows he has a mission. This mission, based on the values of the company, is their compass.

Serving the mission is the best way to fulfill it.

Entrepreneurship is not a long quiet river. It is a marathon.

Running the half marathon gave me a lot of joy.

24.8 km of sweat and suffering (knee injury) but also beauty (magnificent landscape), thought (life, projects) and music (running while listening Buena Vista Orchestra Club … great!). It’s a gift from heaven!

So yes, marathoners are positive people. Like entrepreneurs, they create wealth for a quality living together.